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Market-based valuation
Marketing Plan
Photographic Report

A complete photographic record of the property

Based on the market and with experience and training our consultants will suggest a value for your property and therefore provide a faster sale with capital gains.

The whole strategy of selling your property defined and planned.

You can follow the strategy of disclosure of your property, namely advertising channels, interested parties, requests for visits and purchase proposals.


We promote your property in the best national and international specialist portals.

In a partnership scheme, we can suggest technicians, qualified experts with ADENE, for the realization, in good time of the energy evaluation of your property and the issuance of the respective energy certificate.

Owner's File
Specialized Real Estate Portals
Energy Certificates
Property valuation

On a partnership basis, we can suggest technicians, real estate valuation experts registered with the CMVM, for the realization, in good time, of the valuation of your property.

Property insurance brokers

We work with the best insurers and we can submit the best proposal, with the appropriate coverages to safeguard you.

Partner network disclosure

To increase the disclosure of your property, and to quickly find an interested party, we promote the mediation on a partnership basis, with accredited agencies with AMI registration.

Property management

Whether the property is for your holidays or if you want to boost the investment in holiday accommodation, we can suggest reliable companies to manage your property, without you having to worry about the management and maintenance tasks.

If you want to build your own house, do repair work, conservation or maintenance work, we have a range of civil constructors and specialized service providers that will program the works in the best way.

Construction, renovations and repairs
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